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Quality and Food Safety Policy


  • Being sensitive to customer and market needs with our creative, innovative and analytical approach,

  • To create customers loyal to our Yavuzkan brand by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level,

  • To produce and market products that comply with national and international standards and legal requirements,

  • To provide customers with the best quality in natural and processed hazelnut production with the participation of all employees, especially senior management,

  • To continuously ensure food safety with our effective communication at all stages of the food chain,

  • To defend the food we produce by ensuring the security of the factory and supply chain and to supply products to the customer without the risk of sabotage,

  • To ensure the training and continuous development of our employees and to support teamwork and cooperation,

  • To carry out food safety and quality culture studies and ensure continuous improvement,

  • To provide continuous improvement and necessary resources in activities and processes to become the preferred company in the sector by combining our knowledge and experience with developing technology,

  • BRC Gıda creates, implements and continuously improves a management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 standards,

  • To produce hazelnuts by protecting nature and biodiversity, supporting farmers and leaving more sustainable lands for future generations.

      It is the basic policy of Yavuzkan Ready Food.

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